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Bring cool outside air to your JLT CAI filter system on your GT500 with this new Fresh Air Kit. Behind the lower grille on all GT500’s, Ford put provisions for the future install of a brake cooling kit. Simply drill out the grille from the back side and clamp on some duct work. Cooling the brakes for road coarse racing is great, but most GT500 owners will never need it, so why not get the cool look of the KR500 or a road racer, but add cool air to your filter instead?

Early testing showed a drop in IAT's by 1-2 degrees. We also have foam plugs that you can stick in the bezels in case you get caught in the rain. Simply stick them in and they will stay put until you want to pull them out again.

Our kit is complete with all duct work, clamps, brackets and optional are a pair of billet aluminum grille bezels and foam plugs. Bezels are available in anodized clear (silver) black and polished.

Kit can be ordered without the bezels if you already have them. Please note if you have our grille bezels and we will include the foam plugs at no extra charge.

*NOTE* This kit can be used with any CAI kit, but some cutting may be needed if the filter heat shield covers the bottom hole in fender apron.

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