Although cruising in a Mustang convertible is always an enjoyable activity, the excessive wind noise at even low speeds can put a damper on your fun if you're trying to listen to music, talk on your phone, or have a conversation with a passenger. Combined with the great styling of the Classic LightBar, the CDC Windstop is the perfect component for those who enjoy a comfortable ride in their Mustang convertibles. The Windstop is designed to match the curves of the LightBar for a flawless appearance while greatly reducing wind noise and turbulence.

- Windstops are made of a single piece (no obstructions) mesh fabric in an aluminum frame; the mesh itself reduces turbulence, dramatically cutting noise level by 50%

- The Windstop extends your convertible driving season as heating becomes more intensified and is maintained within the driving compartment

- Results have been independently confirmed with various automobile manufactures through extensive testing.

- The Windstop rests on the rear trim panels BEHIND the CDC LightBar Others rest in FRONT of the LightBar, risking damage to the bar. It is held in place with two adjustable quick-release straps as opposed to other models that use four straps, risking additional wear.

- No modification is needed to the vehicle or LightBar! - When not in use the Windstop can be quickly unbuckled, folded, and stored in the trunk in its protective storage bag (included). It also fits safely under the top and does not need to be removed when raising the top.

- Featured with CDC's Carbon Fiber LightBar

***Does not impair rearward vision.
***Complies with all the safety regulations of the car manufacturers.

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3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty